The HomeMADE Program


Mortgage Affiliate Discount for Employees

“Providing mortgage financing benefits for the valued employees of local businesses”

What is HomeMADE?

  • HomeMADE is a no cost affiliate/partner program for small businesses. The program offers discounted home loans as a benefit for companies to offer to their employees and their families.

What is the Value of HomeMADE To My Company?

  • It allows you as a Company/Business Owner to offer a real value benefit to your employees without any hassle or disruption to your daily business activity. It is very simple to implement, no cost and you as a business owner get the credit for the benefit the employees receive. Any size company can participate, but we created this program specifically to help small to medium sized businesses who may not have the resources to be able to offer benefits that larger companies can offer. Many benefit programs require a participating company to have 500+ employees and consequently smaller companies get overlooked and are not able to participate, HomeMADE is designed to change that.

What Benefits Will My Employees Receive?

  • Employees will receive a $500 lender credit on any home loan product meaning the lender will cover part of their loan cost. There are no restrictions as far as how long they have been employed or if they are full time etc. As long as they are currently employed with your company, they are eligible.

  • We partner with both loan officers and Realtors so in addition, if an employee is selling their home and needs the services of a real estate agent, our Realtor partners will also give them an added discount of .5% which is an average of $1100 off on any commissions and listing fees.

  • We also have a secondary program called MADE in the SHADE. This is the SHared Affiliate Discount for Employees and it allows any employee to share the discounts they receive with any family or friends.


What Is Required to Participate?

  • It is very simple. Click the “Enroll” tab and simply enter your company name, number of employees, contact person and submit and that is it.

  • We will reach out to your designated contact and supply a welcome notification of the program to distribute to your employees. We can send these direct to the employees or through your contact, whichever you prefer.

  • We will send out a monthly/quarterly update of the various benefits of the program and any loan program updates or beneficial information. We will also provide a flyer (paper or digital) with program information that can be included with paychecks, in a new hire packet and that can be posted in a break room if available.


How Do Employees Receive the Benefits?

  • Also very simple. We will create a partner site for your company that will detail the various aspects of the program. It will have a Fast App, Mortgage calculator, FAQ and contact information and also a short enrollment form where they simply enter their name and contact information to enroll.

  • There will also be a MADE in the SHADE tab where their friends or family members can enroll as well and list the employees name as their sponsor.

  • Employees can participate as often as they need. There are no restrictions on how many times they or their friends and family can receive the HomeMADE discounts.

Is There A Contract or Obligation to Participate?

  • You can participate for as long as you like and you can opt out at any time for any reason. If you choose to opt out, we will continue to offer the program through the end of the month and any employees with a loan in progress will receive the program discount even if they close after the month in which you opted out.

  • The only thing we require is that you do not allow another mortgage company to market a similar program to your employees while you are affiliated with HomeMADE as it can create confusion as to who is offering what benefits.


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